HISTORY: Scott Ian w/ Dave Prichard, Joey Vera, Todd Gordon (Torrid Records) 1985 – Armored Saint + Metallica @ L’Amour

Scott Ian: This photo was taken backstage at L’Amour in Brooklyn on January 25 1985 at the Metallica/Armored Saint show. They played 3 nights (I was at all 3). This was my first meeting with Saint and now I have the photo to prove that we were fast friends. Pictured left to right – Dave Prichard, me, Joey Vera, Todd Gordon (Todd put out Exodus’ Bonded By Blood on his label Torrid Records). It’s rare that I see a photo I’ve never seen before from back then. This one really resonates a time and a place. The “good’ol days” as they say. Thank you Joey Vera for sending it to me – I love you brother. I wish I still had that El Borbah shirt!