Ritchie Blackmore on Sharon Osbourne’s Dad, Don Arden: “He could frighten people” – VIDEO

Official Ritchie Blackmore:
Premiering on the official Ritchie Blackmore Youtube channel today (7/19/22). Ritchie Blackmore – On Showmanship 


We used to work under Don Arden, who was our agent. He’s the father of Sharon Arden, who is Sharon Osbourne. He had a reputation; I don’t know if you know about the reputation of hanging people out of windows. He could frighten people. He was known as like a mafia guy, but I never saw it. But there was always that atmosphere of you don’t mess with Don. Otherwise, there could be a problem.

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Ritchie on “going pro”, the roots of his showmanship, Don Arden, his gig with Jerry Lee Lewis, and an encounter with music legend Gene Vincent.