RATT ‘Invasion of Your Privacy’ Inside the Album w/ Producer / Engineer Beau Hill – PART II – full in bloom Interview

The full in bloom Interview
w/ RATT Producer / Engineer Beau Hill

PART II of our full in bloom interview with producer / engineer Beau Hill is now available.  LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW VIA THE EMBEDDED YOUTUBE CLIP OR SOUNDCLOUD WIDGET BELOW. 

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INSIDE THE ALBUM: RATT – Invasion of Your Privacy

Beau talks about recording RATT’s 1985 sophomore album, Invasion of Your Privacy.

Beau Hill Interview via YouTube:

Beau Hill Interview via Soundcloud:


Make sure to listen to PART I of our interview with Beau, where he talks in-depth about RATT’s 1984 debut album, ‘Out of the Cellar,’ @ this location.