Radiohead Takes MAJOR Audio Difficulties @ Coachella in Stride

Last night (04/14/17), Radiohead suffered from severe audio difficulties during their headlining set at Coachella. The band had to stop the show four times (some fans say seven times) during the set and even left the stage twice. Vocalist Thom Yorke took it all in stride, even joking, “fucking aliens again,” as he returned to the stage. Yorke later mused, “Can you actually hear me now? I’d love to tell you a joke, lighten the mood, something like that. But this is Radiohead, so fuck it.”

Despite the technical issues, Radiohead acted like true professionals and even played a five-song encore, ending their set with “You and Whose Army”, “No Surprises,” “Paranoid Android,” “Bodysnatchers” and “Karma Police.”