Primitive Race: Ex-Faith No More Vocalist Teams w/ Melvins Drummer

Primitive Race, a group featuring original Faith No More vocalist Chuck Mosley, producer / bassist Chris Kniker and Melvins drummer Dale Crover are planning to release their new album. The band is currently in the studio recording the 10-song collection, called Volume 2.

Chuck Mosley

“When I listened to the music for Primitive Race, ideas just came pouring out,” he said. “I couldn’t say no to doing the record. When we completed the first few tracks, I found myself wishing I had written them, not just the lyrics…just good heavy riffs and grooves really sucked me in. The melodies and words came super easy with this music.

“Even though it’s a whole different vibe it brought out a side of me I haven’t experienced since writing with [Faith No More].”

Chris Kniker

“During the recording of the first Primitive Race album there was a natural shift from the industrial sound of our collective histories towards something more fluid and punk,” explained Kniker.
“It was something I really wanted to explore with Mark and Erie, knowing we wanted something raw, organic with big, loud live drums as we began working on Volume 2.”

Primitive Race has a collaborative tradition. Artists like Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy), Tommy Victor (Prong) and Graham Crabb (Pop Will Eat Itself) have all participated in the band.