Phil Collen on His 1st Guitar Solo w/ Def Leppard: Everyone was like, ‘Whoa!’ – 2022

Ultimate Classic Rock: After decades of playing with Def Leppard, guitarist Phil Collen recalls how the journey began. You can read the entire feature @ this location.


Collen still has detailed memories about the first song he played [w/ Def Leppard], “Stagefright.” “Mutt [Lange] said, ‘Here’s a cassette of the song. Figure out a solo and come in.’ I came in, plugged my Ibanez Destroyer into my 50-watt [amplifier] head and did that and everyone was like, ‘Whoa!’ It’s a really cool solo, actually. It turned out great. So that was it — ‘Stagefright’ and from there it was like, ‘Let’s attack ‘Photograph’ and solo on that,’ and then ‘Rock of Ages.'” Before long, Collen found himself doing more than just providing guitar solos, too. – READ MORE