Peter Criss Cancels Meet & Greets Due to COVID – Fanboy Expo / NJ Horror Con – 2021

Peter Criss: Meet & Greets Cancelled
Hello Kiss Army. I’m sorry but I have to cancel my meet and greets this year. I was hoping this Delta variant outbreak would improve, but it continues to get worse, so I have to cancel. I can’t do them with a good conscience. Your safety comes first and no matter how controlled or well organized the promoters may do their shows, this Delta variant is highly contagious. If any of you got sick or worse I would be guilty of not keeping you safe. I couldn’t live with that. I love you and want everyone to be safe. They were going to put me behind plexiglass and I would be wearing a mask and gloves. That might keep me safe but it doesn’t keep you safe when you’re standing in line or gathering in a waiting room or going through a crowded hotel . If you are masked or not the variant is too infectious and a lot of people also have not been vaccinated and even the vaccinated can spread this variant. It’s too risky for all of us. When I booked these shows the Delta virus wasn’t so out of control. Now it’s surging all over. I’m so sorry to disappoint all of you. I am disappointed as well. I was very much looking forward to meeting you all. I will reschedule for next year and hopefully our world will be safer then or there will be better methods where we all are safe from infecting each other. I want to thank the promoters of Fanboy and NJ Horror Con for booking me at their conventions so I could meet all of my amazing fans and for understanding my concerns about keeping everyone safe during these challenging times. Hopefully I will see you next year.

God Bless you all,

Peter Criss