Now Available: Damien Jurado’s Lathe Recording Session w/ Little Elephant

Singer-songwriter Damien Jurado recently participated in a lathe recording session with Little Elephant, a company that offers custom cut records for bands, artists and labels. The vinyl release is made-to-order, hand cut in real-time on Little Elephant’s high quality stereo record lathe with each record being hand stamped with Damien Jurado’s name and hand numbered on a screen printed jacket. Sound quality is comparable to pressed records, but with a short turnaround time, and no minimum order.

An explanation on Little Elephant’s website states: “most custom record cutting companies only offer records that are embossed. In other words, the grooves are pushed into the record, rather than cut out. The fidelity on an embossed record is much less than the quality on a cut record. The music on an embossed record is considerably lower in volume, noisier, and has a hollow sound. If you want the music on the record to sound good, the grooves must be cut out.” For more information on the process, please watch the video above.

During the session, Jurado recorded three tracks. Videos from those sessions have been embedded below.


1. Go, Before the Storm
2. You for Awhile
3. South

Purchase HERE.