Motörhead Record Store Day 2019 – “Overkill”/”Bomber” Double 7-Inch

A 40th anniversary celebration of the loudest, dirtiest, bastard rock ‘n’ roll of 1979 – the year Motörhead released the seminal Overkill and Bomber albums – the featured single edit was previously only available as the A side of the original 1979, 7″ single, “Overkill.” It will be released digitally for the first time ever on March 8, 2019, to coincide with its original release date.

This lavish double picture disc being released for record store day 2019 is housed in a gatefold sleeve, which features iconic photos of the band, shot by Paul Slattery on the 8th February 1979 in front of a huge Motörhead Snaggletooth mural on the Harrow Road in Paddington, London.



Side A: ‘Overkill’
Side B: ‘Too Late Too Late’


Side A: ‘Bomber’
Side B: ‘Over The Top’