Motörhead, Helix, Mercyful Fate, Girlschool, Talon European Tour 1984

Brian Vollmer:  “This is the tour pass from our 1984 tour of Europe.  On the last date Lemmy & the Motörhead boys hid King Diamond’s sacred bones and pasted porno shots of the guitar player’s girlfriend to the stage floor by his foot pedals. Aw…memories!”

In 1984, Mercyful Fate went into the studio to record their legendary album ‘Don’t Break the Oath,’ released on September 7, 1984. Soon after, the group started a two-month US Tour, which took them across the US several times, including sharing the stage with Motorhead and Exciter for the last part of the tour. The shows had created a brush fire within the metal community, and Mercyful Fate was now getting a lot of recognition. The year of 1984 ended with a 5-day tour of Germany with Motorhead, Girlschool, Helix and Talon.