Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx Pays Tribute to Taylor Hawkins: “We talked about doing a band together…I wish we’d got a chance to do that” – 2022 – VIDEO

Nikki Sixx: I miss you buddy. #TaylorHawkinsTribute

If I could say anything to you, Taylor, it would be thank you for all those crazy phone calls. Usually very early in the morning. I’d be having a cup of coffee. I’d be stirring out in the backyard, and you would call, and we’d talk about our favorite bands. We would talk about things that would piss us off and things that we loved.

The one thing I learned from you is to really believe in yourself. I remember there were a couple of times, I was having some rough times, and you were just like: “Sixx, you’re a badass. You’re a great songwriter.” You were just always pumping me up and making me feel like I could make whatever I was going through happen. I could succeed at whatever I was trying to do.

We talked about doing a band together at some point, some day. I miss you. I wish we’d got a chance to do that. Life got busy. Thank you so much for being there for me as a friend. I love you, and I miss you every single day.