Michael Landau ‘Rock Bottom’ New Album “We’re Alright” New Song

Guitarist Michael Landau, best known for his session work with Pink Floyd, Boz Scaggs, Miles Davis, James Taylor, Roger Daltrey, Steve Perry, Michael Jackson, Glen Frey, Joni Mitchell and several others, is getting set to release his new album, Rock Bottom, on February 23rd via Mascot Label Group.

About the album, Michael Landau said: “I’ve been playing mostly instrumental music for the past 10 years, out of nowhere I woke up one morning with the strong urge to play some hard edged music with vocals… guess it makes sense because it’s really the music I grew up on. So I reunited with my ole pal David Frazee from the Burning Water days, we wrote a lot of songs together, most of which ended up on this new Rock Bottom record.”

1. Squirrels
2. Bad Friend
3. Gettin Old
4. We All Feel The Same
5. We’re Alright
6. One Tear Away
7. Poor Dear
8. Freedom
9. Heaven In The Alley
10. Speak Now, Make Your Peace