Matt Cameron ‘Cavedweller’ Out Now: Soundgarden/Pearl Jam Drummer Releases Solo Album

Drummer Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog) released his first solo album today (9/22). Titled Cavedweller, the album was engineered/mixed by Nathan Yaccino/John Davis and features nine tracks, all penned by Cameron. The song “Unnecessary” has been embedded below.

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1. Time Can’t Wait
2. All At Once
3. Blind
4. Through The Ceiling
5. One Special Lady
6. In The Trees
7. Into The Fire
8. Real And Imagined
9. Unnecessary

Mixed by: Nathan Yaccino
All At Once
Time Can’t Wait
In The Trees
Through The Ceiling

Mixed by: John Davis
One Special Lady
Into The Fire
Real And Imagined

Time Can’t Wait- Mark G, drums, Matt C-voice, guitar, bass
All At Once- Mark G-drums, Matt C-guitar, voice, bass
Blind- Mark G-drums, Matt C-voice, guitar, synth, bass
Through the Ceiling- Matt C-drums, voice, guitar, piano Tim L-Bass
One Special Lady- Matt C, rhythm guitar, voice, key bass, percussion, Mark G-drums, Tim L-Electric Bass, Alain Johannes-lead guitar
In the Trees- MattC-drums, voice, rhythm guitar, bass, percussion Alain Johannes- lead guitar
Into the Fire- Mark G-drums, Matt C-Guitar, piano, synth
Real and Imagined- MarkG, drums, Matt C-guitar, synth, Voice
Unnecessary- Mark G, drums, Tim L-Bass, MattC-guitar, voice.