Mark Kendall Talks Bassist Don Costa, Ozzy, Jake E. Lee, George Lynch Audition Dante Fox/Great White

The excerpt below was taken from the full in bloom interview with Great White founder / guitarist Mark Kendall.

In this excerpt, Mark talks about working with bassist Don Costa and how he helped his former bandmate land a gig with Ozzy Osbourne, after receiving a call from George Lynch.  He also explains how and why Don’s stay in Ozzy came to a violent end.

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You can listen to the entire interview, where Mark talks about Great White’s future plans, new singer Mitch Malloy, the 1984 self-titled album, Judas Priest, Shot in the Dark, Once Bitten, Jake E. Lee, Tony Richards, Gary Holland, Jack Russell, Lorne Black, Ozzy, Dimebag, Buddy Blaze, Tesla and more at this location.