Lissie Explains 2018 Miniøya & Rjukan Rock Festival Cancellation – Norway

Lissie will not be performing at the 2018 Miniøya & Rjukan Rock Festival, which runs from June 8th-9th in Rjukan, Norway.  The singer says she is currently sitting in the Newark airport after her “SAS flight was abruptly cancelled without explanation.”  Her complete statement has been posted below.

“I am so disappointed to be missing what was gonna be a really fun & special day at Miniøya & Rjukan Rock Festival. My band is disappointed as well. We were sitting in the Newark airport waiting to board and were all feeling pumped & excited for a busy day in Norway!
Our SAS flight was abruptly cancelled without explanation and it took hours to get assistance and to be told that the soonest we could get to Europe let alone Norway would be Sunday.

“I tried to find any flight to any city in Europe for just me,, could I get over there solo then find an internal flight? And rock a solo acoustic set? We exhausted every option from 6pm- midnight. There were NO flights!

“I just got off the phone with a friend in Oslo who said it’s a beautiful day and my heart is sad to miss out and to disappoint the festivals & the people who were looking forward to seeing us.

“Im sitting outside the Newark airport hotel as I write this, hoping to at least get home this afternoon.
I’ll be back in Norway this summer playing Steinkjer Festival 22/6, Tysnefest 12/7, Kristiansand 2/8, Langesund 3/8, Hamar 4/8 and Gatafesrivalen 10/8!

“I hope to make it up to you all soon! And SO wish I was there now playing in the sun!”