KISS: Tommy Thayer Reunites with Black ‘N Blue – Video – 2018 Annette Holmes Benefit

On June 2, 2018, KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer reunited with his former band, Black ‘N Blue, for one night only at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon.  The event was organized by Thayer to help raise money for Annette Holmes, wife of Black ‘N Blue drummer Pete Holmes, who has been battling cancer.   Over $25,000 was raised to ease some of  Pete and Annette’s burden.   Fan-filmed footage of Thayer performing with Black ‘N Blue can be viewed below.

To learn more about Annette’s condition, you can read part I of our full in bloom interview with Pete Holmes.

Pete Holmes:  “WOW…..THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!  Now that I’m back in SoCal, it’s really setting in, the fact that there are so many great friends and people who truly care and want to help others.  When I spoke with Annette on Sunday and told her what a success the benefit was she begin to cry, she was overwhelmed, but when we spoke later that day, she was happy, calm and there was a spark in her voice…THAT’S IT!! THAT’S WHAT THIS WAS ALL ABOUT!!…not the money (although that has already begun to take some of our stress away), it’s about Annette being happy, smiling and not letting this disease get the best of her!  I’m so happy you all came and spoke with me, and I could really feel love in the room from everyone.  I have played all over the world, to crowds of 80,000 to 200 and this was the most powerful crowd I have ever experienced!!  The energy of the event and the focus of why we were there was heavy and undeniable, I have never been around something so positive.

“Annette and I thank you and love all of you, whether we have met before or not, your vibe was felt, just being there made the event a huge winner.  This is not over, it will never be over, but knowing we have this kind of support has made us strong, very strong.
We both love and thank each and every one of you for all you have done for this couple from Portland, OR.”