Juan “John” Alderete, “80’s Hair Metal Is The Worst Genre Of My Lifetime” Racer X – The Scream – The Mars Volta

Actual conversation on Twitter….

Juan Alderete:  “80’s hair Metal is the worst genre of my lifetime. Damn torture to have to hear it anymore.”

full in bloom:  “What are you saying?”

Racer X: Juan “John” Alderete in the middle.

Juan Alderete:  “Step, fool. We were shred metal. We did corny shit to get more than just dudes to our shows. And if you want to include us in that bulkshit, so be it. We knew what we were trying to accomplish.”

full in bloom:  “Alright.”

John Alderete on the right in The Scream w/ John Corabi (Motley Crue, RATT)

Juan Alderete:  “Yup. Did it for money. And that’s not 80’s hair metal”


The Scream was a Los Angeles-based hard rock band formed in 1989 as Saints Or Sinners. The band originally featured former Angora singer John Corabi and former Racer X members guitarist Bruce Bouillet, bassist Juan Alderete, and drummer Scott Travis. However, Scott Travis quickly left to join Judas Priest, and was replaced by former Shark Island drummer Walt Woodward III.

John Corabi in Angora


Juan Alderete:  “Rep your corny music all you want. I hated it then and always will.”

full in bloom:  “Not much on this planet goofier than Racer X.”