Ian Rogers Leaving Apple Music

In a move that caught many of his colleagues off-guard, Ian Rogers has stepped down from his post as an Apple Music executive to take a job in Europe in an unrelated industry. A spokesman for the tech giant confirmed that Rogers is leaving, but declined further comment on the matter, and Rogers has declined several requests for comment, as well. It is also unclear who, if anybody, will take over Rogers’ position at Apple Music.

Whatever the industry that has lured Ian Rogers from the music field is, it is certain to benefit from the lifelong music fan and innovator in the field of music technology. Once the general manager of Yahoo! Music, Rogers also served as the CEO of Topspin, and oversaw the sale of that company’s innovative technology to Beats. Rogers was also integral in transitioning the Beats Audio streaming service into Apple Music, and was key in developing Beats 1, Apple’s Internet radio service. It is unclear how Rogers’s departure will affect Apple Music, but he does leave the service in good shape. The company reported earlier this month that the service has already drawn in more than 11 million users, and was enjoying an impressive 79 percent retention rate on those signups.