Home for the Holidays!

While it may be a little late to start looking for a new home to be in by the upcoming Christmas & New Year’s Holidays, it may be an excellent time to look for bargains. Many times people that have their homes on the market in La Jolla and San Diego County may remove the home during the holidays to entertain guests and for family privacy. Often homes do not begin to re-appear for sale again until mid January, so the inventory is smaller. For a home buyer this can also signal an opportunity to find a very motivated home seller.

Often in San Diego real estate, a condo or detached home that is on the market this time of year is one that may be a genuine bargain. People that are moving to a new city for a new job or promotion and others that have an early 2010 move planned will be highly motivated to get the house sold. So the inventory may be smaller right now but the homes on the market are there generally for a good reason. Depending on where in the Country about 14% of American families move each year, this means there are always homes that need to be sold.

Usually the rush of home buyers in early spring and summer will push competitive multiple offers on the most desirable homes, and what is commonly referred to as a “bidding war”, may break out, while this time of year the pace is not so harried.

The best homes on the market will always go first, but this time of year take advantage of the lower prices and interest rates to purchase the home that best fits you, but without the hassle.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year (New Home?) in 2010