Helix’s Brian Vollmer Talks ‘Long Way To Heaven’ Album

Brian Vollmer: Long Way to Heaven was Helix’s 3rd album on Capitol/E.M.I./U.S. After the huge success of WALKING THE RAZOR’S EDGE we were catapulted to a new level-In Canada we ended up doing our own headline tour. Our first two E.M.I. albums had been huge in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden, so we decided to take the show there first to work out the bugs. Lenny Stoute came over from Metallion Magazine and wrote a long article on the tour. We played inside the Arctic Circle and sometimes only put the lights up to keep warm, seeing as we were playing “in the Land of the Midnight Sun.” The album went to Number 1 in Sweden.

Make sure to read one of our full in bloom interview with Helix vocalist Brian Vollmer. Conducted over 15 years ago, it was one of our very first interviews.