Hear How Master of Puppets Would Sound with St Anger Drums

An interesting video clip showed up on YouTube last week, showing what the Metallica classic “Master of Puppets” would sound like with the horrible drum sound drummer Lars Ulrich used on a later album, St. Anger. I assume the purpose behind the mashup was to illustrate just how bad the drums sounded on St. Anger, though the fan that posted the clip only said: “I was bored, so I replaced all the snare hits with the St. Anger snaredrum. You’re welcome.” The result is a pretty tragic rendition of one of the greatest thrash songs of all time, but at least the guy didn’t replace James Hetfield’s iconic growl with the pathetic attempt to sing that you find on later Metallica releases. Check out the Master of Puppets / St. Anger mashup in the clip below.