Great White’s Mark Kendall Talks Motley Crue & Vince Neil’s Band Rock Candy / Rockandi – 2022 – VIDEO

Mark Kendall: Did this interview with journalist Deanne Coffin from NBC TV affiliate KPVI TV in Pocatello Idaho. They just played a small clip for the show, but this was the full interview in which we cover a lot of subject matter. Watch the video below.


Motley Crue used to come down when we were Dante Fox, we’d play the Whisky (a Go-Go) because they lived one block away. They would come down, and, then after the show, we would go to their apartment and party down or whatever.

But when I was about seventeen years old, maybe eighteen, I played at Vince Neil’s high school. These friends of mine knew Vince. We played at lunch time in the hallway. So, there was no stage, there was no riser for us. The people are standing directly in front of us. One of my friends, who knew Vince Neil, said, “Hey, you see that kid over there?” I go, “Yeah.” He goes: “He’s a singer. He likes to sing.” I go, “Really, what band is he in?” He goes, “Oh, he’s not in a band. He just likes to sing.”

So, two years later, he’s in a band called Rock Candy, and I’m in a band called Zzyzx. We played mostly cover songs and a few originals. Vince’s band played in a battle of the bands with us. Their band came in third and our band came in fourth. I’ll never forget the winners. They had a Black singer that sang “Tie Your Mother Down” by Queen perfectly. To see Vince, get in Motley and all that, they stole him out of his band, it has just been great. We’ve played many shows with Vince Neil.