KISS’s Gene Simmons’ MoneyBag Vodka – From the Man Who Said: “I find people who drink weak” – 2022 – Saskatchewan/Regina

Gene Simmons:

The most beautiful bottle you’ve ever seen.…10 times distilled! Coming any day now.

The excerpt below was taken from a 2019 Rolling Stone interview with Gene Simmons:

You’re one of the few rock stars that has never done drugs or alcohol. How have you resisted?

Gene Simmons:

“I may be lucky. I may have a chemical advantage. As soon as I smell alcohol I want to throw up. I don’t like the smell, the look, the culture, I find people who drink weak.”

Are you curious to try alcohol? Does that interest you at all?

“No, not at all. I like being able to do things. I mean, if somebody comes over and puts hands over your eyes, don’t you want to take the hands away? If somebody wants to give you, without you knowing about it, a pill that knocks you out and you don’t remember two days in a row, you’d say no.”

“So why do people willingly do stuff that numbs themselves? I’m just asking, not judging. They say if you drink too much your shmeckle won’t work, you’ll probably throw up on the shoes of her girlfriend. You won’t be witty, there’s nothing you can say that’s gonna be wittier. Your shmeckle’s not going to get bigger, it’s not going to happen. You cannot run a race high. You’ll lose.”

During a 2021 interview with The Sun, Simmons said:

“I’m 71, come into the ring with me. I’ll show you what this guy can do. I’m 71 because I’ve never used drugs or booze.

“You can fill your body with garbage. Put it into your car and see how far your car goes. I don’t care if it’s a Rolls Royce, it’s going to splutter and die. The more shit you put into your body the more you’re going to be a walking pot of shit.”

“Drugs don’t work, booze don’t work, cigarettes – all the people who think you look cool. You’re f*****g around with cancer. It just doesn’t work.”

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