Flirty Dancing on FOX 2020: Trailer – Episode – Season

full in bloom:  So now there’s a show called Flirty Dancing on FOX. I just have to say, shows like that confirm my suspicions. I must have done something really terrible to deserve a life on this planet. Typically I am disgusted with most pop culture, so in reality, I have always known. BUT come on, man….that’s too fucking far.

FLIRTY DANCING ON FOX. Actress, producer and dancer Jenna Dewan will host FLIRTY DANCING, the innovative new series that is part performance, part blind date, and all about romantic chemistry. In the show, complete strangers are each taught half of a dance routine, then meet for the first time on a blind date at a breathtaking location, where they will then dance together without saying a word.

These singles will push themselves out of their comfort zones in the hope of being swept off their feet, rather than swept to the left or right on a phone.