Farewell Charlie Murphy: Comedian Dies @ 57, Dave Chappelle Salutes

According to Charlie Murphy’s manager, the comedian had been undergoing chemotherapy, but ultimately lost his battle with leukemia.  He was 57 years old.

At one time Murphy was probably best known for being the brother of Eddie Murphy, but that all changed after becoming a featured cast member on the Chappelle Show. Personally, I always thought that if Dave Chappelle didn’t walk away from that $50 million deal and the Chappelle Show continued, Charlie would’ve become more popular than his brother. His True Hollywood Stories about Rick James and Prince are legendary and, without a doubt, some of the best sketches in history!

On Wednesday night, Dave Chappelle made an appearance onstage at a John Mayer concert in Columbus, Ohio and told the crowd, “everybody in comedy is heartbroken” and that he was “a site for sore eyes” after learning about Murphy’s death. Chappelle then requested that Mayer play his song “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” as a tribute to Murphy.