Exodus/Slayer Guitarist Gary Holt on the Doomsaw Guitar Pedal: “It’s going on the pedalboard for SURE!” – 2022 – Does It Doom

Gary Holt: Getting in rich with my inner doom thanks to Does It Doom and their Doomsaw pedal. This thing is sick, and it has one knob, labeled “grief”! LOVE IT! It’s going on the pedalboard for SURE!🤘🏻❗️🤘🏻

A gruesome single knob adaptation of the dimed HM-2 chainsaw circuit, we’ve taken the classic death metal tone and tailored it to modern doom, sludge, and drone metal.

Thundering lows, punishing mids, and that unmistakable chainsaw grind, the Doomsaw is a visceral device designed specifically for downtuned guitar and bass.


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