Destruction: ‘Born To Thrash – Live in Germany’ – Vinyl/LP/CD/DVD Limited Blue & Black Splatter – Digipak

The wait is over! Germany’s cult thrash metal band DESTRUCTION releases US versions of Born To Thrash – Live in Germany. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the release had to be postponed, but now the band is proud to release their very special and limited US versions via Deko Entertainment licensed by Nuclear Blast.

The impressive live experience Born To Thrash – Live in Germany is available in two limited US formats:

A limited blue and black splatter vinyl includes a world map that marks the locations where fans saw their first DESTRUCTION concert and a limited CD-Digipak, including DVD. There are also a limited amount of Mega-Bundles with T-Shirt and Patch.


Product Includes:
– One (1) Destruction – Born To Thrash CD/DVD
– One (1) Destruction – Born To Thrash 2LP Vinyl
– One (1) Destruction – Born To Thrash Patch
– One (1) Destruction – Born To Thrash Tee

Born To Thrash – Live In Germany Tracklisting:

1. Curse The Gods
2. Nailed To The Cross
3. Born To Perish
4. Mad Butcher
5. Life Without Sense
6. Betrayal
7. Total Desaster
8. The Butcher Strikes Back
9. Thrash Till Death
10. Bestial Invasion

DESTRUCTION (Official Statement): “Live albums are cult in metal history, they sadly came out of fashion, but this one will remain special for us for sure! Released in a time with no live events. We are glad our North American fans can get the record now as well; so far, it was only available as an imported version. The new edition comes with a different cover and a DVD, and the double vinyl comes with the world map poster as well! In times of no concerts, a live album brings back a touch of the magic that makes the concert so special – get your magic now!“

Check out some videos here:

“Curse The Gods”:

“Born To Perish”:

“Nailed To The Cross”: