Def Leppard/Motley Crue/Poison/Joan Jett Stadium Tour is #2 for Average Tickets Sold – Pollstar Live75 Chart

Tommy Lee:

TH🙏🏻NK YOU to all our fans…. This is all such a fucking trip!

• Tours are ranked by Average Tickets Sold. Rather than the highs and lows that tours encounter over the course of a given route, LIVE75 is all about consistency: how is Band X performing night after night.
• It takes a minimum requirement of 3 reported shows to appear on LIVE75. Every tour runs into anomalies, whether it’s a hometown gig or a home run one-off. It takes a few shows to truly take the pulse of a tour.
• All acts with reported shows that have taken place over the previous 30 days are eligible. This chart is all about being current.
• Only “Active” tours are eligible for the chart. An “Active” tour is one that has upcoming dates in the Pollstar Route Book Database in the next 30 days. Acts will fall off the chart two chart weeks after their last show if they have no upcoming shows in the next 30 days in our database.