Autograph Guitarist Steve Lynch: “My autobiography, ‘Confessions of a Rock Guitarist,’ goes to the publisher in March”

Steve Lynch: HELLO EVERYONE!! Today I turn 67, (thank heaven… lol). I am eternally grateful to have good health, an elevated spirit, a positive mindset, and my musical creativity. I am also happy to say my autobiography ‘Confessions of a Rock Guitarist’ goes to the publisher in March… finally!! This will free up time to begin recording my project Blue Neptune.

Something I’ve learned this past year is that patience is a virtue, to always aspire to do the best you can no matter how long it requires. Writing my book has taught me this. But I’m incorporating this into all aspects of my life – from my literary work, to creating music, to spiritual evolution, and to just becoming a better human being. It all takes perseverance and patience.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all an amazing year ahead… and happy / healthy journeys moving forward in your lives. Remember, we are all copilots in this lifetime… and I appreciate each and everyone of you very much! Love and Peace always. ❤️✌️🎸😎