Former Faith No More Singer Asks Fans for Donations to Save Home

Chuck Mosley, the singer of Faith No More for their first two albums, has taken to Facebook to ask for financial assistance in order to avoid being evicted from his home of the past ten years. According to Mosely’s posts, his family has fallen on hard times financially and his landlord is trying to evict him from the Cleveland home they’ve occupied for a decade. Just a few hours after his original post, the singer published another post thanking the fans for their quick and generous response, while also announcing that digital downloads of his first solo album, Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food, were available for one dollar donations at his website, No word yet on whether Mosley will be able to save his home.

Born and raised in southern California, Chuck Mosley met bassist Billy Gould in 1977, joining his band The Animated in 1979. After that band’s breakup, Mosley joined a Bay Area punk band called Haircuts that Kill, while Gould went on to form Faith No More. Mosley was eventually recruited to front Faith No More, replacing Courtney Love, who would go on to form Hole and marry Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Mosley remained with Faith No More through their first two albums, helping them establish themselves before leaving in 1988 amid rumors of substance abuse. The singer went on to front Washington, DC punk legends Bad Brains for two years, then formed his own band called Cement. During a tour promoting Cement’s second album, Mosley broke his back in a tour bus accident, eventually breaking the band up. Mosley relocated to Cleveland in 1996, where he raised his two daughters while working as a chef. His debut solo album was released in 2011, and re-released in 2012, but failed to achieve much commercial success despite contributions from popular artists such as Korn frontman Jonathon Davis, guitarist John 5 and even Faith No More bandmate Roddy Bottum.

Early Faith No More (Chuck Mosely 2nd from left)