Chick Corea & Steve Gadd: New Album ‘Chinese Butterfly’ Announcement

The Chick Corea + Steve Gadd Band will release their new album, Chinese Butterfly, on January 19, 2018. You can pre-order here (and get one tune to download instantly).

Chick and Steve went into the studio with Lionel Loueke, Steve Wilson, Carlitos Del Puerto and Luisito Quintero – “ATACA QUINTERO” and came out with a monster of a record. Six brand-new Chick compositions, plus the phenomenal John McLaughlin tune “Chick’s Chums,” and a new take on the RTF classic “Return to Forever.” Almost all first takes.

Disc 1:
1. Chick’s Chums 9:23
2. Serenity 6:39
3. Like I Was Sayin’ 6:44
4. A Spanish Song 8:51
5. Chinese Butterfly 11:50

Disc 2:
1. Return To Forever 17:29
2. Wake-Up Call 18:13
3. Gadd-zooks 16:17