Bassist Rudy Sarzo: ‘The Chainsaw Artist’ Documentary – Stacy Poitras

Rudy Sarzo: Recently I had the honor of filming chainsaw artist Stacy Poitras’s documentary. Our deep conversation included our love and respect for wood, the 7 deadly sins (which is the theme of his latest exhibit), animal rescue (He and his wife, Alison, run the Eastwood Ranch Foundation). I hope you all get a chance to watch this compelling documentary

The Chainsaw Artist Documentary is a full length documentary about world renowned chainsaw artist, Stacy Poitras. We watch him sculpt his rendition of the seven deadly sins while placing them in seven different locations representing each sin in and around Los Angeles. This film is not a religious statement, but more of a protest of sorts. It is intended to be a social commentary on the current human condition.

Synopsis: Envy, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride and Wrath. The seven deadly sins, carved out of larger than life blocks of wood with a chainsaw, in a Renaissance manner and attention to detail befitting the styles of Michelangelo and Donatello. Poitras skillfully combines the ancient art of wood carving with the modern day tools of chainsaws.

We film the entire creation process from inception to peoples’ reaction of the sculptures on the streets of L.A. We place the art pieces in busy populated locations that lend themselves to each specific subject matter. For example: Gluttony; in front of a popular In and Out Burger eatery; Lust; in front of a classic strip club; Greed; placed in front a bank. Here we focus on everyday peoples’ thoughts and reactions to the sculptures through interviews. Additional interviews include celebrities, artists and scholars.

The documentary begins with the life of the artist, Stacy Poitras. We get to know the artist through his own words and additional interviews and interactions with clients, family and friends. Throughout the documentary, all seven sculptures are installed at Venice Beach Boardwalk, where Stacy will work live on the sculptures in front of hundreds of onlookers, leaving himself open to potential criticism, praise, joy or disgust. The documentary culminates in an installation at an art gallery were all seven pieces will come together and are sold, with 100% of the profits going to charity.

Guest Appearances By:

Clint Eastwood

Sam Elliot

Scott Eastwood

Alison Eastwood

Titus Welliver

Ada Hurst

Wayne Waters

Ashla Soter