Barrett Martin to Teach Class @ Antioch University in Seattle – Mad Season/Screaming Trees Drummer

Grammy-winning producer, drummer/percussionist, composer, writer, and Zen artist Barrett Martin (Mad Season, Screaming Trees) will once again teach a music class at Antioch University in Seattle. For the past 7 years Martin has taught one class a year, usually during the winter while he was in Seattle writing and producing new music. This year’s class will be titled after his latest book, The Singing Earth, and will focus on music, ecology, and awakening the mind to activism.

Martin commented, “I want to enlighten the minds of students, and put a fire in their heart to go out and make a difference in the world for the better. Whatever their skill is, whatever their talent is, whatever they feel passionate about, that’s their way of working in the world. All I want to do is just ignite that, and enlighten it a little bit more, so that whatever they decide to do, I’ve contributed a little bit to that fire.”

Martin holds a master’s degree in ethnology/linguistics/ethnomusicology from the University of New Mexico and has previously taught at many universities as a guest lecturer.