Annihilator’s Jeff Waters Says Line6 Helix = Best Live Guitar Sound He’s Ever Had

Jeff Waters:  “I am simply excited at having the BEST GUITAR SOUND LIVE I’ve ever had and it is the exact same every night!  Straight out of the Line6 Helix and into the PA system.  No amps, no speakers, no mics, no hassle, no “what will it sound like tomorrow night,” no blown tubes, no massive shipping bills, no surprises, no faulty cables to kill the sound, no heavy lifting for the crew, etc… just a killer guitar sound.

“While I tried the recent-industry-standard Kemper, Fractal and others, this is the only processor that I could get that real, metal, tube-amp crunch out of, without it sounding like a 90’s, new metal EMG pickup mixed with digital, compressed grit.  Thanks Line6.  For those who know what I have been using live, it is a rack-mount Helix, however, we have just decided to trim that down even more to simply 1 Helix LT… a floorboard with the same guts as the regular rack Helix. I wanna prove a point that this thing is way ahead of its time and while other bands are dragging around massive rigs and racks and amps/cabs, etc…, I can likely get a better sound than most with one, single little pedalboard.  I think Line6 might love me when I get through with that mission! hahaha!”

Jeff Waters plays in the Canadian metal band Annihilator.