Aldo Nova “Monkey On Your Back” COVID-19 Live Version w/ Billy Carmassi, Timothy Gaines… 2020

Aldo Nova Band Live-Monkey On Your Back-Special COVID 19 Version

Aldo Nova-Guitar and Vocals
Billy Carmassi-Drums
Timothy Gaines-Bass
Mike Bruno-Guitar
Hugo St. Laurent-Keyboards

This version of Monkey On Your Back-Live is a special version made especially for all the people that are stuck at home because of the Coronavirus better known as COVID-19.

“Monkey On Your Back” was originally written and recorded on Aldo Nova’s album Subject in 1983 and it was recognized as the first anti-drug anthem.

It was, and is, about the devastating effects that heroin had on society. Now 37 years later in 2020, the song is even more relevant than it was back then because of the resurgence of Heroin in today’s modern culture except that today the drug is cut with an extremely powerful anesthetic known as Fentanyl making it 100x more dangerous leading to an epidemic number of overdose casualties.

Like Aldo wrote in 1983, “Clean up your act ’cause the man in the black will show you a dragon that bites and then you’ll wind up with a Monkey, a Monkey On Your Back.”

Edited by the “Amazing”- Christian Jacques
Aldo Nova Logo-Custom font by Curtis L. Smith and Gage Star by Aldo Nova
Peace and stay safe we’ve beaten everything they’ve thrown at us before, we’ll beat this Coronavirus, “Together.”