Metallica Guitarist Remains Optimistic about MORE ‘Big 4’ Shows

Metallica guitarist, Kirk Hammett, remains optimistic about the chance of more “Big Four” shows featuring 80’s thrash metal kings Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax.

On June 16, 2010 the four bands played together for the first time at the Sonisphere Festival in Warsaw, Poland in front of 81,000 fans. The bands played together several more times, with the last concert taking place at Yankee Stadium September 14, 2011.  Kirk Hammett spoke about the possibility of more “Big 4” shows on Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian’s show “Never Meet Your Heroes” on SiriusXM. “That term ‘Big Four’ was created by the press, and we kept on seeing it and seeing it: ‘Big Four,’ ‘Big Four’, And then, one day, it was something to the extent of, ‘Let’s get all the original metal bands together to do a tour like we used to do back in the day’ – we’d all tour with each other. But then it got narrowed down to, ‘Let’s just do the ‘Big Four’, and then pretty much that’s how it came to fruition. But it was just an obvious sort of thing, once we thought about the concept, once the concept kind of came together. It was just, like, ‘Yeah, we absolutely should tour together and celebrate our long, storied careers.'”

“Even though we haven’t announced any ‘Big Four’ dates in the future or anything like that, I personally see it happening again in the future,” he continued. “I don’t know when, but I do see it happening in the future. I mean, I see those shows as kind of like a celebration, a real celebration of each other, and a real celebration of the music that we all make, and a real celebration of the audience embracing what we’ve done. And why not have more of that?”

I say, let’s see the BIG 6, or 7. Let’s get Exodus on the bill, Testament, Overkill, Kreator….shall I continue.