1978 Donruss “KISS” Sealed Factory Case with 16 Untouched Boxes – AUCTION – Heritage Auctions – 2022

Bob Nash: A 1978 Donruss “KISS” Sealed Factory Case with 16 Untouched Boxes is up for auction and is expected to sell for $40,000.00! The current bid is $16,000.00!


1978 Donruss “Kiss” Sealed Factory Case with 16 Untouched Boxes! “You wanted the best… you got the best. The hottest band in the world… KISS!!!” For years, that announcement opened every KISS concert which would bring the Kiss Army to a foot-stomping frenzy. The music, the make-up, the fire breathing, the smoking guitars, movies, television shows, a comic book that used their actual blood… it all epitomized what the 1970s were all about and we loved it. It was a golden era for teenagers looking to rock and roll all night and party every day. And admit it, annoying your mom and dad was a lot of fun too.

Donruss produced two different sets of 66-cards, all packaged with that pink gum that was covered in flour which kept it from sticking to the cards but seem to spread faster than the common cold. Offered is a rare and still factory-sealed case that is designed to house 16 of the wax boxes. Each wax box has 36 packs. Can you imagine being the first KISS fan to have your own KISS case-break party and open up almost 600 individual packs! The outer box has wear and two areas of surface loss but it is 100% factory sealed with contents yet to be touched by human hands after 40+ years! Guide Value or Estimate: $40,000 – up.