Zakk Wylde, “My Wife Still Calls Me Paper Asshole” – 2022 – Interview

Metal Hammer: Zakk Wylde: “My doctor said I’d need a liver transplant.” Read the entire interview @ this location.

When did Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt become Zakk Wylde?

Well, originally my name was Farrah Fawcett but apparently that one was taken. Ozzy said, ‘We’re gonna have to change your name’ and I figured we could go with ‘Paper Asshole’ or ‘Shitbag McGee’, but Ozzy didn’t like that either. He was like, ‘We’ll call you Zakk Wylde’ and I was like, ‘Hey, it works!’”

So it was thanks to Ozzy that you changed your name?

Yeah, but my wife still calls me Paper Asshole!”

In 1992 you were in Ozzy’s band for the No More Tours run, supported by Ugly Kid Joe and Motörhead. What are your memories of Lemmy?

I didn’t know anybody who didn’t like Lemmy because he was great with everybody he met. And when he and Ozzy got together? Forget about it, they were both hilarious. When Motörhead opened for Oz, every night was Friday night, man. We went out drinking a ton. I remember right before Lemmy passed we had a big birthday celebration at The Whisky [A Go Go] where we played for him. I hugged him and it was like hugging your grandmother – he was just skin and bones at that point.”

We asked Ozzy about you when we last spoke. He said: “Zakk isn’t just a great player, he’s a great guy. He’s worked with me longer than just about any other musician in any other band I’ve been in. He doesn’t fuck about and he doesn’t fuck people about – he’s very loyal and always tells you the truth.”

Ozzy’s the same way as well. Likeminded people attract each other and when I’m with Oz he knows we’re there to do our thing and just go home. He’s the best man, and fucking hilarious. It’s a miracle we ever get anything done.”

Read the entire interview @ this location.