Walking Papers W2 ft Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses & Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees

Duff McKagan: “Coming soon! This record was the end result of the endless touring we did in ’13 and ’14. It slams!”

Formed by Jeff Angell (vocals, guitar) of The Missionary Position and Barrett Martin (drums, percussion) formerly of the Screaming Trees, the Walking Papers would later add Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, and The Missionary Position’s Benjamin Anderson (keyboards) to the lineup following their contributions to the debut album. The forthcoming album, W2, will be the sophomore effort from the group.

Walking Papers is:
Jefferson Angell (Guitar, Vocals)
Duff McKagan (Bass)
Barrett Martin (Drums and Multi-instrumentation)
Benjamin Anderson (Keyboards)


1. My Luck Pushed Back
2. Death On The Lips
3. Red & White
4.Somebody Else
5. Yours Completely
6. Hard To Look Away
7. Before You Arrived
8. Don’t Owe Me Nothin’
9. This Is How It Ends
10. I Know You’re Lying
11. Into The Truth