Vinnie Vincent Distortion Guitar Pedal FULLSHREDD Brochure – Pro Tone Pedals – Signature

Vinnie Vincent: “Mastermind DENNIS MOLLAN at PRO TONE PEDALS just sent me the collectible brochures and photos of the SIGNATURE VINNIE FULLSHREDD DISTORTION PEDAL.

“WOW, Dennis, I am really honored. geez…this is so great! cool, cool, cool!!!!

“He also wanted me to remind you that “time is running out to secure a 1st round autographed edition.”

“REMEMBER…everybody…this is:




Pro Tone Pedals unmasks the newest member of the family – the legendary Vinnie Vincent, back and he’s thirsty for face melting TONE with the creation of the FULLSHREDD Distortion pedal.

The FULLSHREDD Distortion all analog design emulates several pieces of gear that Vinnie used during the recording of some of hard rock and heavy metal’s most influential albums.  Authentic metal tone that brings you back to the early 80’s high gain pyrotechnics of the guitar wizardry that is VINNIE VINCENT, while offering you the flexibility to shift into modern guitar tone with aggression and clarity.

The FULLSHREDD Distortion Pedal Offers 2 Channels

The Crunch Channel – Featuring classic plexi-tones – Creatures of the Night, Lick it Up-era Vinnie with enough freedom to cover Page, Beck, & Blackmore.

The FULLSHREDD Channel – High gain tube tones – This is the channel you’re looking for to achieve those Vinnie Vincent Invasion tones.  The FULLSHREDD channel is wildly flexible and will also allow you to dial in tones in the Iron Maiden, Ozzy and Guns N’ Roses territory.

The Controls:

Volume- sets the overall output level
Tone- controls the overall EQ of the pedal
Crunch- The 1st gain stage offering up mellow overdriven to midrange distorted tones
FULLSHREDD- only active when the Power & FULLSHREDD switches are activated – Controls the amount of high gain distortion
Vinnie Vincent’s FULLSHREDD Distoriton also features:

Operates on a standard 9 volt negative tip BOSS style adapter (NOT INCLUDED)
True Hardwire Bypass for noise free operation
Stomp switches built to withstand years of hard stomping shows
Durable aluminum housing
Proudly hand wired in the USA