VIDEO: Previously Unreleased Radiohead Track ‘I Promise’ – Listen!

Twenty-one years after it was recorded, Radiohead release the track ‘I Promise’. You can now watch the official video for the song above. ‘I Promise’ is one of three previously unreleased tracks that will appear on the upcoming OK Computer reissue OKNOTOK.  The remaining tracks are called “Man of War” and “Lift”.

Prior to releasing OK Computer, the band had performed the song during their 1996 tour, but a studio version of the track was never released. Fans who pre-ordered Radiohead’s 20th anniversary ‘OK Computer’ Box Set on the band’s official W.A.S.T.E. website received a digital download of the song as well.

On Thursday, the BBC Radio 6 show tried to debut the single which featured the band playing the track during one of their live shows. Unfortunately things did not go as planned and the footage cut off after only a few seconds. Host Steve Lamacq commented that he had heard the band were “especially pleased to find [the song] in the vaults, because they thought it’d been lost over the years.”

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