Tommy Lee Responds to Backlash: “I’m the gayest MF around” – 2023

Tommy Lee:

I deleted my “controversial” post. Because I am in no way transphobic or against LGPTQIA…Shit. I’m the gayest mutherfucker around! I just don’t agree with how far some things have been taken. I just think it’s crazy that some people are blinding themselves because they feel they should’ve been born blind.

I get being born female and identifying as male or being born male and identifying as female or whatever. But when ppl start identifying as babies or animals…WTF! I posted that because it got me thinking (and you should too) about where this and our world is all going.

AAaaand…don’t even get me started with the AI shit… before you know it, you’ll be wondering if anything in this world is real or what it seems.