The Cult’s Ian Astbury Stops Fight During Concert: “Never put a chokehold on somebody. That’s what the pig does.” – 2022 – VIDEO – The Anthem in Washington D.C.

Creative Underground:

Ian Astbury from The Cult dives off stage to save an audience member from a chokehold.


From Adam J Grieco (the guy who was put into a chokehold):

Adam J Grieco:

At The Cult last night, I decided to weave my way up front and the period behind me didn’t like it. As the big guy in green put his arm around my neck to pull me back, I grabbed onto the railing separating us from the stage.

I looked up and Ian Astbury, the lead singer, is jumping off the stage. He jumps up on the barrier right next to me and starts yelling at the people behind me, “You don’t put people in a chokehold at my show!”

As the band kept acting the opening riff to “Rain,” he kept taking them out and I looked up. He was leaning right over me, and I yelled, “Thanks Ian…. now go sing the fucking song!”

That’s my hand with the orange wristband on his chest in the 2nd picture.

The lead singer of The Cult has a few more words for my assailants before jumping back onstage and belting out, “Hot sticky scenes… you know what I mean…”

Unfortunately, security escorted me towards the back of the crowd. I didn’t resist, that’s not smart. Me and Taji Blue made our way back towards the front and The Cult ended the song. Ian Astbury addressed the crowd and said, “This is a rock and roll show….. you don’t put people in chokeholds. I’ve been beat up by Hell’s Angels…that’s not what we’re about.”