T.I. Talks About Saving Creed Singer Scott Stapp from Suicide Attempt

In a recent sit-down with Yahoo Entertainment the 37-year-old ATLien, also known as T.I., and Tip Harris, told his side of the stories, starting in 2006 with his most high-profile encounter, in which he came to aid of Scott Stapp, the lead singer of the popular ’90s rock band Creed.

“[He’s] a phenomenal guy who found himself in a tough emotional spot, and he tried to kill himself. He wanted to jump to his death,” said T.I., who was smoking a joint with a friend on the balcony outside of his room in Miami’s Delano Hotel when he heard Stapp, who had plunged 40 feet from the penthouse above him. T.I. called out to Stapp, who fractured his skull and broke his hip and nose during the fall. “He said his girlfriend had cheated on him with one of his best friends or something like that, and he said ‘I just want to die.’ We talked him into allowing us to call some help for him, and they came up and got him.”

T.I. never talked about the incident until Stapp credited him with saving his life in the opening of his 2012 biography, Sinner’s Creed. “I was just a person out on a balcony smoking a joint, able to do the right thing at the right time.”

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