Stone Temple Pilots ‘Core’ Remastered LP / Vinyl – Standalone from 25th Anniversary Box Set – Rhino Records 2020

Stone Temple Pilots: To celebrate 28 years of Core we’re happy to announce that the 2017 remastered LP will be available as a standalone release for the 1st time on Nov. 13th! The remaster will be released on 180 gram black vinyl with the original LP artwork.


The Core Remastered Vinyl by Stone Temple Pilots is a new release from Rhino Records that features remastered tracks from the album originally released September 29, 1992.

This marks the first time that the Core Remastered Vinyl has been available for sale as a standalone item, and not part of the 25th Anniversary Release in 2017 where it was locked into a deluxe box set. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on this special edition LP now is your chance!

180 gram Black Vinyl
Original Album artwork from the 1992 release
Tracks include:

Side 1

Dead & Bloated [5:10]
Sex Type Thing [3:38]
Wicked Garden [4:05]
No Memory [1:20]
Sin [6:05]
Naked Sunday [3:49]
Creep [5:33]

Side 2

Piece Of Pie [5:24]
Plush [5:14]
Wet My Bed [1:36]
Crackerman [3:14]
Where The River Goes [8:25]