Fifth Angel “When Angels Kill” NEW SONG/VIDEO/ALBUM – 2023

Ken Mary:

FIFTH ANGEL – “When Angels Kill”

World Premiere

I’m proud to present the first single and video, as well as the title track, from the new double vinyl concept record, “When Angels Kill”, that will be released on Nuclear Blast on June 16, 2023. Check out the new video, see link below!

I personally want to sincerely thank all of our fans, and all of the fans that have supported me over these many years. I feel honored to still be asked to create and perform music, let alone have people listen to it!! We hope you enjoy this new album that weaves many of the concepts and song titles of the previous three albums into a cohesive, compelling story that revolves around four main characters and includes themes such as world domination, betrayal, war, natural disasters, and the fight for survival.

Pre-order the “When Angels Kill” album @ this location.