Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler: The Bizarre Ex-Fiancée Saline Abortion Story Resurfaces, “Steven Sat Beside Me Snorting Cocaine” – Julia Holcomb

In the book,Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith, frontman Steven Tyler talked about his former fiancée, Julia Holcomb (who Tyler began dating when she was sixteen), and mentions his experience with abortion.  In the resurfaced video clip below, Holcomb tells her side of the story.

Julia Holcomb:

….that was a saline abortion. So they took me into another room. I had to labor so my baby’s dead body could be delivered or born. I was in labor for many hours, and Steven (Tyler) sat beside me, snorting cocaine on the table beside my bed. At one point, he offered me cocaine, and I remember just turning away from him, and it was just so sad.

I just grieved inside at what was happening. I was in disbelief; I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. After many hours, the baby was delivered, and the nurse immediately took my baby away, and I did not see what happened.

Later, when we were in New Hampshire, Steven told me that my baby was born alive and that it was a little boy. I have read about these late-term abortions since then, a saline abortion. I’ve read that it’s not an uncommon thing that a baby could be born alive after a saline abortion and that when the baby is born alive, at that time, they would kill the baby with either snipping the back of its neck or other methods, strangling it. I don’t know how they killed my baby, but Steven knows; he saw what happened. When he told me that, he was telling me that he was terrified that he had a sense of dread and regret over what he had done. He felt that God would punish him.”