Skid Row Frontman Erik Grönwall on Leukemia Battle: “All I wanted was to survive” – 2023

Erik Grönwall:

This day ONE year ago I flew in to meet Skid Row for the first time as their new lead singer.

This day TWO years ago I was diagnosed with leukemia.

No matter how unfair life might seem right now, just know that this is how fast it can get better 👇🏻

1st picture: In 2021 I was fighting leukemia. All I wanted was to survive, to live to see my son grow up and to get back on stage. To do what I love the most.

2nd picture: In the beginning of 2022 Rachel Bolan of SKID ROW reached out to me and asked if I wanted to join the band. 6 months after my bone marrow transplant. Arrived in Vegas as the new lead singer of the legendary Skid Row and did my first show with the band.

3rd picture*: It’s 2023 and I’m touring the world as the lead singer of Skid Row.

I thought my life would be over at 33 but thanks to a lot of people I’m still above ground. I told myself I would sing until this voice can’t sing anymore if I would make it out of the hospital alive.
So that’s what I’m going to do.

Thanks for being here guys, I appreciate you!
Here’s to life, to wake up above ground and to doing what we love the most!

*Photo: Front Row Perspective