Sean Yseult: “The very first homemade press book for White Zombie” – 2023

Sean Yseult:

I can’t believe I just found this – the very first homemade press book for White Zombie, and the only one! This is from ‘85, the year we started. I’m playing my Phantom Bass I bought on St. Marks Street, and I made the 6-page pressbook on a color xerox machine when the boss wasn’t looking!

The photo is by my friend Scott Smith and was one of a handful of people that bothered to come see us at CBGBs audition night. I love that we compare ourselves to Black Flag, Butthole Surfers, and the Birthday Party. Now you know how we started out, and we meant it! I think the metal seeped in when we heard Metallica and saw Slayer! And Ivan was a true-blue metal head from Brooklyn so that helped!

More to come…