San Diego City Council Approves Redevelopment Budget

The San Diego City Council this week approved a list of $6.5 billion in leftover project obligations as well as appointing the final two members of the oversight board that will be charged with reviewing the list. Both moves were a part of the agency’s unwinding of its redevelopment program, which was mandated by state law last year. The state passed a law that does away with about 400 development agencies across California, including 17 in San Diego County, in an attempt to reduce the state budget deficit by making local governments responsible for redevelopment funds.

The focus on Tuesday was to compile three separate lists itemizing all ongoing redevelopment obligations. The three lists officials came up with total more than 600 pages and will be sent to county and state officials for review. For this year alone, the city listed $6.5 billion for projects that are scheduled to take 30 years in some cases, as well as $300 million in payments due this year.

County and state officials will have three days to review the county’s lists and voice any objections, plus an extra week for citing specific challenges. There is not, however, a designated deadline for the resolution of any disputes that arise.